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Wheel on a black rubber in swivel bracket with pad 1020125 RC



Wheel on elastic rubber in medium duty swivel bracket with pad and breake 2932160 BE


Travelator wheel in swivel bracket with hole 6280125 BC



Polyurethane wheel in swivel duty bracket with pad 5124200 BMH

About company

We have been working with industrial wheels for over 9 years. During this period we grew up with our customers! Due to the study of their needs, we, working with a number of leading manufacturers from Europe and from Asia, and as a result we managed to maximally correct to our opinion division all existing industrial wheels into three main categories:

  • Standard Series - wheels for daily routine work on specialized equipment working in a range of medium loads but under different operating conditions.
  • Economy Series - wheels for daily irregular works, working in the range of small loads in relatively equal operating conditions.
  • Pro Series - wheels for daily highly specialized works that operate in the range of heavy loads andcarrying responsible, expensive loads, as well as in a range of critical temperatures.

We hope that when searching for wheels for carts the "Economy" article will help you to choose realy high-quality wheels.

Polyurethane rollers for hydraulic trolleys, stackers, as well as polyurethane wheels for hydraulic valves are manufactured by our company in Ukraine. For the production of this product we use only high-quality specialized material, which is no different from European analogues and at times exceeds the quality of Chinese products. Also, when wearing polyurethane tires for rolls, stackers, rail trucks, self-propelled machinery, etc. the client can always contact us for the restoration of the polyurethane layer which will also help save funds of your company.

When choosing reliable wheels for shopping carts for the supermarket of conventional and travolators we recommend the 62 Series wheels, and choosing the wheels for solid waste containers and the construction forests - the Pro Series.


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